Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Climate kiboshed

The CBC reported Tuesday that federal environment minister Jim Prentice announced Canada will not be tabling legislation for greenhouse gas emission limits any time soon. Canadians and others around the world had high hopes for commitment to a global GHG reduction at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December.

According to Prentice, it's unrealistic to expect to negotiate an international treaty next month. He hopes instead to enter into some sort of interim accord that will maintain momentum for a future treaty (a pretty non-committal plan), though that agreement may take a year to create, in its own right.

I am not surprised at Prentice's announcement, considering this government's nonexistent track-record of positive environmental action (that's not to say the previous government was any better, in a practical sense-- paying lip service to a cause is not enough).

On a side note, Jim Prentice has said some weird things about the environment in the past. For example, he thinks global warming could be good for polar bears.

People concerned with the environment can no longer be dismissed as the lunatic fringe of society. They are parents, professionals, students, taxpayers. They care about things like making sure their kids and grand-kids aren't living in a hell of our own making. A recurring theme in environmental campaigns these days is to focus on the mess we are leaving for our children to clean up, if it's not past the point of cleaning by then.

As a party who aligns itself with family values, I wonder why the Conservatives aren't jumping to champion this cause...


  1. Check out the editorial in today's (Thursday) Free Press about that fact that climate change is really happening by Nick Hirst. I feel like we're dealing with a broken record here, it's always the same argument back and forth. I just wish someone would take a stance that actually got something done, instead of just contributing to our carbon footprint by traveling somewhere to talk to world leaders about maybe doing something.
    As a side note, California has passed a law that says TVs up to 58 inches must be energy efficient.

  2. There's more than enough people that agree climate change is happening. Unfortunately the ones with the power to act are concentrated on short term goals like elections and Party popularity polls. I wrote an article on the issue of climate change about eight years ago. Sadly, not much has changed in terms of action and the opportunity world leaders have had since its become painfully obvious what is happening to our world.