Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twitter-- social tool, or narcissistic indulgence?

So today in PR class, creating a Twitter account was a mandatory assignment.

I certainly see the value in social media, but sometimes it's a bit of an overload. I don't really get this Twitter thing. I can see how it is great for PR and such-- to get the word out about an event or cause, or pass along an important news link. And if you're a believer in citizen journalism, then it's a very effective tool. Twitter might also be a good way to absorb the news, but only if you are constantly staring at the screen for updates.

Beyond these work-related Twitter uses, the practice seems a bit frivolous. Do I feel inclined to log into yet another website to see which random You Tube video people liked, or what they're up to tonight? No. It's not that I don't care about what's going on with my friends. But we have texting, Facebook, email, blogs... there is no shortage of ways to express yourself online. And I am always against saying things just for the sake of saying them.

I also have no interest in following random celebrities. I think it's a bit weird.

But to be fair, it all depends on how we use this medium. As stated above, there are several worthwhile ways that Twitter can enhance the communications industry. If it's used efficiently and professionally, I have no problem with it.

Either way, I know I can't escape this Twitter thing, and I'll probably eat my words and warm up to it soon enough. There was a time when I was anti-Facebook, and now I'm an addict.

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