Monday, December 14, 2009

climate hoax-- what's the point?

The Yes Men are at it again: this morning these increasingly infamous prankster activists sent out a series of fake news releases stating Canada had committed to greenhouse gas emission levels much higher than any discussed in the past, at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen.

Reporters were skeptical, and the Yes Men revealed themselves as the culprits later in the day.

While in the past I've had no problem with the antics of groups like these, the more they go about their little pranks, the more I'm left to wonder, what's the point? Apparently they will host a news conference tomorrow telling us just that-- I can't wait.

In a world where we are bombarded with so many diverse and constantly updating media sources, it's hard enough to get the story straight when you're not having to fish through deliberately placed media hoaxes. And while it may be worthwhile to put reporters' bullshit meters to the test from time to time, I also just feel frustrated with it all.

The Yes Men just come off looking fairly shallow-- do they really care about this cause, or are they just looking for attention, to cause a stir? And if it is the former, how is this actually helping anything?


  1. Hey,

    Good post. The Yes Men's movie is out in the UK, and probably coming to DVD here soon.

    For some reason, the stuff on the right margin of your blog disappears when I load your homepage and reappears when I leave a comment. My issue or yours?!

  2. Maybe yours? It's not happening to me.