Saturday, December 5, 2009


So you may have heard of what some are calling Climategate: emails hacked from a leading British climate research centre and released online may point to a group of scientists tampering with climate research to make human-made global warming appear more prominent than it is.

The jury's still out on what exactly the emails mean, but there will be an inquiry, as there should be.

This is an important reminder that we can't blindly trust experts on either side of the climate debate. It is absolutely unacceptable for scientists to be tampering with data, whatever their overall intentions.

Climate change skeptics who broke this story online have accused mainstream media of refusing to cover this story in a timely manner.

Suppressing truth is never a good idea, no matter what the end. And it's clear doing so is detrimental to the cause in the long run, as climate change activists will now have to contend with this black spot on their reputation.

It seems players on both sides of this debate are desperate for rationalizations to justify their actions. However, whatever the outcome of the inquiry, this incident is no excuse to stop caring for the planet.

See my fellow CreCommer Jess Chapman's worthwhile post on this topic here.

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  1. When we were taught the scientific method in school, it was carefully explained to us that a scientist measures data and then develops a theory based on that data. Too often nowadays it seems that the theory comes first and the data are chosen in order to lend credence to the theory. That is what is implied not only by the substance of the leaked emails but also the tone of the researchers who wrote them.