Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Copenhagen blahs

Due to the topic of my blog I feel compelled to comment on the outcome of COP15, but the truth is I don't have much to say.

Some countries managed to create some sort of non-legally binding accord that will help poorer countries curb their emissions, but did not come up with any actual targets for top emitting nations. So... this is better than nothing. I don't doubt that it's hard to get nearly over 100 leaders to agree on something. But should we be comparing it to nothing, or the ideal? If it's not legally binding, you could say it doesn't mean much. Or you could choose to believe that they will follow up and continue to build on this accord.

Canada managed to look as uninterested as possible in this conference. Big surprise.

I just have a big case of the 'whatevers' when it comes to this topic. It's all been said before.


  1. Oh Sandy, Sandy, Sandy.

    I'm so proud of Harper for not giving a damn at this ridiculous waste of time and money.
    I didn't by into it before and I'm not buying into it now.

    This Ecofascism has to stop.

    These people are asking for an eventual 100 BILLION dollars a year?! Go F--k yourself! (not you Sandy)

    The impact of human life on the change in climate has never been proved, and it never will be because it is clearly FALSE!

    If anyone recalls back in the 90's "environmentalists" were warning us that the earth couldn't sustain the population at 5.1 billion people and that by the turn of the century we would run out of all natural resources. WRONG!

    The be all and end of all of this Climate Change stuff is another Ice Age right?
    Hmm very weird seeing as the earth has already had 5 major ice ages, the last one ending just over 10,000 years ago.

    We didn't have any greenhouse gases then did we?

    This clearly shows that the earth and the entire universe runs in cycles, and that trying to STOP climate change would be playing god.

    Love ya Sandy, but this stuff just makes me so mad!

  2. I barely even said anything in this post, don't know what there is to get mad about.

    I agree about cycles. The earth must die, as does everything else.

  3. No it's nothing that you said.
    I'm just relating my anger of the topic as a whole.