Thursday, February 18, 2010

Growing sprouts in a jar: DAY ONE

So I thought I would up the anticipation for this post by taking a three week hiatus... it was all strategy, I swear.

Growing sprouts in a jar is a really fun thing to do. It cuts down on packaging from store-bought sprouts, and probably saves a fair bit of money too (one 125g bag of Mumm's Sprouting Seeds, sold here or at Organza, goes for less than $5 I THINK, and it makes several jars, each of which roughly equals one $1 carton at the store) though I don't think the high price of sprouts is a major concern to most people. Still.

The main supplies needed are sprouting seeds --there are various mixtures-- (must be made for this purpose--I read somewhere that using random seeds can apparently be harmful to your health, though in hindsight maybe that was a marketing gimmick for the seed companies??), a wide-mouthed jar, and cheesecloth.

Other supplies: a rubber band, a spoon, scissors, water.

Step 1: Pour 1-2 tablespoons (I always do 2) of seeds into the jar.

Step 2: Cut a square of cheesecloth (make it several layers thick, or the seeds can fall through) and fasten it over your jar with a rubber band.

Step 3: Fill your jar with some water (as long as the seeds are well covered, really), swirl the water around, then dump the water out. Look how much fun I'm having:

Step 4: Fill the jar with about a cup of water (again, well-covered), let soak for 2-6 hours, then drain.

Step 5-on: Swirl the seeds in water, then drain, twice a day, until you are satisfied with your seed growth (so the only time they are actually sitting in water is the initial soaking in Step 4). Then eat!

Other notes: The seed package says they'll be ready in 3-6 days. For me it's always been closer to 6, but they're ready when the jar is full, basically. The package also says to store the jar opening down, at an angle in a bowl, but I've tried doing this and not doing this, simultaneously, and saw no real difference. It may prevent potential mold problems though.

I will update with sprout photos in the coming days so you can see their progress--exciting!

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