Monday, March 15, 2010

earth rights = human rights

As we bask in a ridiculously early spring here on the prairies, the tangible effects of climate change are hard to deny. We're living in a very interesting time-- for the first time, environmental activism is intersecting with human rights activism in a way that can't be ignored.

For the first time, we are seeing quite clearly how environmental changes are affecting people, like ice roads closing early and isolating an aboriginal community without access to affordable supplies. And while this is clearly very bad, maybe it's the wake-up call we need to start taking this climate change thing seriously.

It's a lot harder to dismiss environmentalists as irrelevant tree-worshipping wackos when it's clear the cause they're fighting for is directly affecting the well-being of humans across the globe. And while right now it may only be affecting those without the economic resources to avoid it, that won't last forever.

This is the perfect time to ensure human rights and environmental activists join forces and really make some changes, planning for the future and providing for those who are already facing very serious issues due to global warming.


  1. Global Warming is a farce. The planet, our solar system and the universe all run in cycles. The climate of every planet is always changing and trying to stop that is playing god.

  2. So if it's a natural process, are you against helping those who are suffering from it?