Saturday, March 20, 2010

Five reasons it's hard to be green in CreComm*

1. There's no time to do anything productive-- whether it's a green film festival you planned to attend, or that petition you just didn't have time to stop and sign before class, it's just not happening.

2. Energy wasting is common-place-- your plan is to stay up just a few more hours to get some of this work done, but you end up conking out in front of your computer... on the couch... or curled up on the floor, with the lights blazing for hours.

3. You max out your student card re-printing assignments-- a fear of automatic spelling failures means many trees die producing your two-page article.

4. Pre-packaged and fast-food is your new best friend-- if you have time to grab a lunch from home before you leave in the morning, it'll probably be a pre-packaged frozen meal. Even if you make something to bring, it certainly won't last you the long hours you might be spending at school.

5. The bus becomes way too much to handle-- if you have a car available but prefer to take the bus, well that's all out the window now. If it gets you there a half hour faster in the morning, it's in, because every second counts. Plus it can be difficult --and scary-- catching a bus home late at night.

As all CreComms, and many many others out there know, when you have an extremely demanding job, program or project you're immersed in, it's sometimes hard to focus on anything else. There's sometimes no extra time or energy to put into being sustainable. I'd probably find this really frustrating, if I had time to think about it...

*note: this post is slightly exaggerated for comic effect.

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